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Sacramento Notary FAQs

Sacramento Notary FAQs

Certified Mobile Notary Services

A notary public is an official who can provide the most reliable and accurate evidence of the authenticity of any document. They are typically available to sign and seal (authenticate) documents in private, by appointment only. A notary public must be appointed by the state government and be commissioned for a specific term.

A notary is a person who is authorized by the state, typically to witness or certify the signing of documents. The notary has to first be sworn in before they can start signing documents and certifying their validity. The responsibilities of a notary public vary from one location to the next. For example, in California, some duties include: reviewing for accuracy, witnessing and certifying sealings and authentications of court pleadings and other legal documents after reviewing them for accuracy. Some also provide formal acknowledgments for affidavits that are submitted as evidence in court proceedings on behalf of another party (for example, a corporation). In addition, some states require that when a document is notarized there be two witnesses present with valid identification at the time of signing.

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A Notary Loan Signing Agent is an actively licensed Notary Public commissioned in the state in which they reside. An NSA has specialized training to facilitate the closing of real estate loans and transactions. An NSA is typically hired from either a Title Company or Signing Service. Upon engagement, the NSA will receive, typically electronically, a secured PDF of the loan documents and disclosures that must be signed, completed and notarized.

The NSA will usually print 2 sets of the documents. The first is to be signed and returned to the Title Company or Signing Service. Most of the time this will be facilitated through FedEX or UPS Express Shipping. The NSA must have a general understanding of Real Estate closing documents, all current Notorial laws for the state of commission, and a professional appearance and demeanor to conduct Real Estate closing transactions.

Notary Loan Signing Agent in Sacramento

Due to the access to highly confidential information, the mortgage industry standard requires all employees within the field to have annual background checks. Additionally, a full expert historical check and fingerprints are also held on every Notary Public record.

NNA Background Screened Yearly

Local mobile notary services in the Sacramento, CA area are typically between $40 – $100 for most typically single or double signature documents. You can save money if you find a local shipping center and go wait in line. However, while legally commissioned, mobile notary business owners typically have much more extensive and diverse signing experience.

Mobile Notary Costs Bring Great Value

  1. Courier service for document delivery.
  2. Non-Business hours appointment availability.
  3. Photocopy and digital document delivery services.
  4. I-9 immigration services. (In CA the notary must be certified and bonded specifically for this service in addition to the normal Notary Public Commission.
  5. Officiate weddings.
  6. Apostille document certification for international travel and business.

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Over the last few years, more than 20 states have legalized Remote Online Notarization. California had legislation being proposed to be reviewed in the Summer of 2023. However, in June of 2022, Bill AB2834 for online notary services was suspended. The Secretary of State estimates costs exceeding $150k annually and refused to proceed. This Autumn, the authors of the Bill are going to amend and restructure the wording and operation to meet the needs of California. Depending on the outcome of that legislation, likely to pass for digital symmetry, CA may be added to the list of legal states for RON.

Remote Online Notarization - Digital Notary Online

A mobile notary will travel to you to legally notarize your document. You can be at home, work, or a public place to meet and complete your document notarization at a place of convenience for you.

Mobile Public Notary Services

Firstly, a notary must be trained, tested, and approved to have an active Notary Commission in the state of occupancy. A traveling notary should have reliable transportation and a flexible schedule to accommodate the variant needs of clients. A notary must be Bonded and Insured with Errors & Omissions Insurance covering at least $25,000. To find a Mobile Notary near you, one must consider the location, reviews, and general information online about the notary to choose a good fit. Confidence, honesty, integrity, a sense of fairness, and flexibility are all traits that a Professional Notary Loan Signing Agent requires to be effective.

A Notary Must Be Organized Trustworthy and Personable

Notarize is the verb form of the acts of a notary public. To Notarize is to have a dually commissioned Notary Public that is currently active in your state. When you meet and have the documents completed and/or signed, you will then have a notarized document. You can also describe the past tense by saying you have a document package notarized last year.

Notarized On the Go - Mobile Notary Company

The general purpose of having a Notary Public is to deter fraud. When you meet with a Mobile Notary in the Sacramento, CA area, you must provide valid government-issued photo identification confirming your identity with the document that must be notarized. When institutions utilize Notary requirements, they typically yield lower incidences of exploitive, identity thieves, and criminals who enjoy targeting the vulnerable or the unaware.

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In accordance with American Law, a signing agent, also known as a courtesy agent, must obtain a formal signature(s) after verifying identity with ID with the Notary Public and provide a stamped certification know usually as an Acknowledgement (written signature verification) or a Jurat (verbal oaths). These requirements lower the incidence of fraud.

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An NSA is a certified Loan Signing Agent that knows how to navigate, explain in a general sense the document meaning, and locate all signatures, initials, and information sections that must be complete to be in compliance with RESPA laws for Real Estate transactions in both The United States of America and the state in which they reside and have an active appointment as a Notary Public. As a Notary Loan Signing Agent, the role is critical in the Real Estate sales cycle. Many times the NSA is the first and last person seen in the finance and purchase or sale of a property. As a result, it is critical for the Lending Institutions and Banks to have a strong NSA vetting and management program.

NNA Certified NSA - Notary Signing Agent

A signing agent must be commissioned, licensed, or appointed as a Notary Public in their state. Additionally, an NSA needs to be bonded, insured with at least $25k in Errors & Omissions insurance, and finally must have industry experience or specialized Notary Loan Signing Agent training courses with a passing certification grade. This is critical to effectively understand the dynamic and complex Real Estate documents required for most transactions.

NSA - Notary Signing Agent Requirements

The National Notary Association, more commonly known as the NNA, has the most widely accepted background screening process in the industry. They check the following categories on a yearly basis:

  1. 10-Year Criminal Record Search
  2. Social Security Number verification and trace
  3. County-level criminal record search
  4. Motor vehicle records from the State’s DMV
  5. Sex offender registry or history
  6. Nationwide criminal database
  7. Federal District Court case search
  8. Patriot Act Compliance – Anti Money Laundering
  9. Terrorist Watch List
  10. State and Federal Active Warrants

This extensive and thorough background check provides peace of mind to both Lenders/Banks, Title/Escrow Companies, and any Real Estate client consummating a transaction.

NNA Background Screened Yearly

The short answer is no. In California, it is not required to have a notary Acknowledge a will for effect. It can be completed with 2 witnesses instead. Save your money, it is not necessary.

Last Will and Testament

Sacramento Notary FAQs will answer some of the most common questions contained on this page. Please check out the National Notary Association:

Sacramento Notary FAQs

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