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Trust Mobile Notary Services

Trust Mobile Notary Services
Trust Mobile Notary Services

General Notary Work

The general notary public work of a mobile notary is to notarize documents such as administering oaths, taking acknowledgments, certifying affidavits, proofs of execution, and performing marriages or civil unions.

Loan Signing Agent

We are Pros at completing Real Estate loans and transfers both in California, and in any other state. Buy, Sell, Refi, Equity Line, Reverse Mortgage, or Commercial….We know them all extremely well. Trust Mobile Notary Services can quickly and expertly complete any loan or real estate transaction with ease. Call Trust today!

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that grants someone the authority to act on a person’s behalf. It is often used when an individual wants to give another person the ability to make decisions in their best interests if and when they are unable to do so.

Medical Directives

Medical Directives are legal documents that instruct healthcare providers on one’s wishes concerning medical treatments. The document specifies the type of treatment desired and even states how a person would like to be cared for if he or she is no longer able to make decisions for themselves.

Parental Travel Consent

A legal document that is signed by a parent or guardian, giving consent for a child to travel. A notary public will witness the signature and stamp the document. Trust Mobile Notary Services can typically have this process completed within 24 hours.

Trust Documents

It is important to have a notary with experience and expertise in all areas of the trust document process. Trust documents are crucial and need to be done perfectly, which is why every detail needs to be accounted for.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a document that records the transfer of title to property from one person or entity to another. It will typically include the date, identification information for all parties involved in the transaction, and details of the property being sold.

Out-of-State Auto Sales

When somebody buys a new or used car from an out-of-state dealer, they can have the dealership the vehicle to them. This saves time and money as switching drivers is not necessary and also avoids any difficulties with crossing state lines with the purchase.


Having an agreement drawn up by a notary public can insure that the contract is legally binding. This will mean that if either of the two parties involved in the agreement wishes to break it, they’ll need to go through a process including courts and attorneys.

Adoption Documents

An adoption notarization is a process in which a Notary public appoints the adoptive parents as guardians of the child, and ensures that the child’s biological parents are aware of the transfer. Trust Mobile Notary Services is proud to help families grow through the beautiful process of adoption.

Apostille Certification

An apostille is a form of certification. It is an internationally recognized seal on a document that certifies the authenticity of the signature, and it also serves to authenticate any signatures on related documents. The apostille is only used in countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

Certified Documents

A certified document is a document that has been officially certified by a notary public. This certification is a legal requirement in many countries, and it includes the notary’s signature and seal. Trust Mobile Notary Services will make quick work of Certifying your documents.

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