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General Notary Work

General Notary Work - GNW

General Notary Work

What is GNW?

GNW means General Notary Work. This term describes any document acknowledgment or jurat that a commissioned notary utilizes for a non-real estate transaction. This can include, medical directives, Power of Attorney documents, child travel consent forms, out-of-state automobile purchases, and many more.

General Notary Work is the easiest and most readily available business in the Notary Public industry. With your commission and Secretary of State approved stamp, you can begin these types of appointments immediately. It is smart to become involved in your local community through outreach, marketing and a strong digital presence on the internet.

It is commonly known that shipping stores and some banks offer Notary Public services. However, if you have ever been to one, they tend to be very busy. Do you want to stand in a line of 15 people to work with someone who focuses on Notorial services less than 10% of the time hoping they know what needs to happen? Sure, save a few bucks, but do you want to deal with the hassle? Trust Mobile Notary has you covered. We will come right to your home, workplace, or convenient coffee shop. We make it easy to get professional, quick, and affordable results with a Mobile Notary from Trust.

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